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Not all of our kittens are listed on our website. Visit our “About Us” page to learn more about us or contact us to inquire if we have a specific breed available.



Our Testimonials

pure breed Kittens are wonderful to work with to adopt a kitten your interested in on their website.  I got a short haired Scottish Fold whom I have named Daisy. She is precious and playful. She also has developed loving relationships with my Shihtzu’s and one other Kitten.

Dustin Flannery

I have an amazing experience with pure breed kittens. I got my baby 4 years ago. She’s the cutest and sweetest cat I could ever ask for! Kristina, which is the owner, she is so sweet and provide all the informations that I need to take care of the kitten! I will 100% recommend you to get kitten over here, and it will melt your heart❤️

Victoria Goi

I would definitely recommend pure breed kittens! Very professional. The quality of kittens is outstanding! The most important is that kittens are social and trained for the litter box. I have small kids and for me that was the priority : friendly cats.

Jamie Mays

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                                                                               Disclaimer and Warning

Please be aware there are a number of pet sales scam operations. Frequently these companies or individuals will not reveal a physical address or even the names of the individuals other than a website and business name and will request large payments upfront for kittens. It is highly suggested that you do adequate research about the catteries and individuals prior to sending money. GCCF strongly recommends that transactions with breeders be undertaken with the same caution and due diligence as one would devote to any important business matter.

Scammers create a sense of urgency with kitten buyers so they can quickly get their cash and then they disappear.

Sketchy payment. The seller asks for wiring of money or payment by gift cards. Be aware that if you choose a non-secure method of payment, it is highly unlikely that you will get your money back.